Spain: PP violates agreement with Ciudadanos

In the last few days, news surfaced that the “liberal” Ciudadanos party broke its agreement with the conservative People’s Party (PP).

The PP failed to win an absolute majority in the last elections and therefore came to power with the support of Ciudadanos and the fake left PSOE. Even though Ciudadanos portrays itself as opposing “the establishment” and “old politics” (slang designed to feign rebellion), and claims to oppose the PP because of many of the cruelties it inflicts which make it hated by the majority of the population, all it demanded was that the PP agreed to very basic measures, such as taking a basic stand against corruption, and then Ciudadanos with its votes would allow PP to become the government.

The PP claimed to agree to such measures and became the government. However, four months after that fact, the PP is saying they won’t follow them, and in fact never planned to follow them. “In that moment, we agreed to it because whether Spain had a government was at stake,” said a representative of the PP in a radio interview. (as reported by, 28 Feb. 2017)

This spectacle proves the sheer depravity of bourgeois politics and how even the most moderate demands will not be conceded without a struggle from the working class, and how its increasing degeneration means that even aspects which make the capitalist system ‘unpure,’ such as corruption, are openly tolerated by the bourgeois establishment.

In Spain, the PP, PSOE (originating as a social-democratic party), and Ciudadanos are all neoliberal and control 75% of the bourgeois political arena. United Left and Podemos are in between social liberalism and social democracy and control the other 25%. With no independent revolutionary working class party, the situation for workers is very grim, as in other countries.


Spain’s corruption is so pervasive that for example, Aznar’s PP cabinet had a majority of corrupt ministers (in the image above, those with a circle of any color are corrupt). Aznar is hailed as a hero by the Spanish right wing who liken him to Thatcher, putting up another butcher of the people as the role model.

The only way out of this capitalist hell will be a constant struggle for each of the demands of the working class which is inextricably linked with and every time pushes society more towards revolution against capitalism’s system of mass oppression.


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