Stop U.S. imperialist warmongering against North Korea!

These days, the U.S. capitalist-imperialist rulers are stepping up their warmongering against North Korea, with officials from the Trump administration thuggishly claiming that their “patience” is running out and that the US will change its policy, considering a “preemptive” (unprovoked) first strike against North Korea if it does not halt its nuclear program. Since for all intents North Korea will continue nuclear development, if actually taking place, this policy would inevitably signify war and millions of human beings dying, with massive civilian casualties predicted by experts. An article published in the New York Times newspaper indicated that “almost any plan would bring a high risk of unintended escalation to all-out war, analysts believe,” threatening the lives of “millions of South Korean and Japanese civilians.” (Mar. 18)

Specifically, Rex Tillerson, U.S. foreign minister (Secretary of State) and former CEO of ExxonMobil, noted that “all options are on the table,” “the policy of strategic patience has ended,” and “[the option of a military response] is on the table”. For his part, the U.S. military-state President Donald Trump stepped up his threats and provocative comments against North Korea.

Exhibiting their true colors, the capitalist rulers have shown that far from their lies of a peaceful utopia emerging after the destruction of the USSR and its allies, what has actually been opened is an arena for an imperialist bloodbath. In the years since, there have been conflicts resulting in innumerable deaths caused by capitalism. It is a mark of hypocrisy how one of the very few countries with nuclear weapons, the U.S., claims it is a total wrong if North Korea develops nuclear weapons which would allow it to defend itself from imperialist attack. The U.S. only wants to remove any restriction against its imperialist war. The U.S. keeps thousands of troops in Korea which pose a threat to peace. Furthermore, it aggressively sanctions North Korea, achieving only intense hurt to its economy and ultimately its workers. All U.S. troops out of Korea now! Remove all sanctions against North Korea!

While North Korea is no example of socialism and is oppressively ruled by the Kim dynasty, this is no excuse to allow U.S. military aggression. Every socialist must rally against the latest threats from the dangerous Trump administration, which recently announced its plans to increase the U.S. military budget, already by far the biggest in the world. The budget aggressively slashes social spending, lowering among other things education and healthcare spending by a whopping 14% and 18%, respectively, while increasing military spending by 8.8%, to a massive over US$600 billion. The U.S. military regime considers that a massive amount of resources have to be assigned to murder infrastructure while the health and education of the people require the most scarce amount. Such is the logic of capitalism, which places the extreme profit of a tiny minority over the quality of life of the vast majority of the population.

With these latest provocations, the U.S. capitalist rulers are testing the waters to see how much opposition they would face to war moves. The only thing that has kept and will keep the U.S. from attacking North Korea is a constant and total opposition from the working class. Only the struggle of the working class can stop such provocations which threaten the very livelihood of millions of human beings. But the very threat to humanity itself posed by imperialist war signifies that more layers of the human race than just the working class can be mobilized against it.

Capitalist society is constantly prone to war, for war opens up the possibility of new profits. Marx noted that the capitalist law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall results in the capitalists being able to extract a lower rate of profit as time goes on. But a war causes destruction and creates the market for re-construction work to be undertaken by capitalist businesses and thus the ability to extract higher profits temporarily again, and therefore creates an incentive for inflicting the severe destruction of civilization and human lives. Capitalism then results in constant war in order to make profits. Among other capitalist nations, the U.S. imperialist blood trail in particular has left millions of corpses in its path.

As Rosa Luxemburg, co-founder of the great Spartacus League which continued revolutionary work after the Social Democratic Party of Germany, in its betrayal, supported imperialist war, remarked:

… in accordance with same outlook, i.e. for the general well-being, one must sensibly manage and be economic with both the means of production and labour. The squandering that currently takes place wherever one goes must stop. Naturally, the entire war and munitions industries must be abolished since a socialist society does not need murder weapons and, instead, the valuable materials and human labour used in them must be employed for useful products. Luxury industries which make all kinds of frippery for the idle rich must also be abolished , along with personal servants. All the human labour tied up here will be found a more worthy and useful occupation. (The Socialisation of Society, 1918)

Only an internationally planned socialist economy removes all incentive for this great danger. Such an economy would be managed by the working class based on the rational assignation of resources, rather than any profit incentive. Forge a revolutionary workers party able to establish this new social order!


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