NSA had partial responsibility for ransomware attack

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States capitalist state had partial responsibility for the WannaCrypt ransomware attack this week which infected thousands of computers throughout the world, including the computer network of the NHS healthcare system of the United Kingdom, stole and then made inaccessible most documents and asked for a money payment to recover them, causing massive damage and loss of data. As a The Register headline noted, “74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor”, the NSA is proven to have had partial responsibility for the attack.

The NSA found a vulnerability in the SMB system of Microsoft Windows which allowed spreading malware through a network. Instead of reporting the vulnerability, thus allowing it to be fixed, it kept it privately and developed ways to abuse it, in order to use it for its own shadowy purposes. Now, the vulnerability, which is unfixed in most computers, was abused by “cybercriminals” in order to spread this dangerous WannaCrypt malware which caused massive damage. If the NSA had reported the vulnerability a long time ago like it could have, it would never have happened.

The NSA is known for developing malware and attack systems in its hijacking of individuals’ computers which it uses as part of its mass surveillance and spying tasks through which it keeps the population (of the whole world, not only the US) under almost total control, spying on hundreds of millions of individuals, being able to access data like which specific individuals access which websites, which e-mails are sent by whom and what they say, etc.

Destruction of civil liberties and mass spying goes hand-in-hand with capitalist rule. Only a revolutionary workers’ party which smashes the bourgeois state and establishes a democratic workers’ state based on society’s control of the means of production and looks forward to the establishment of an international planned economy where resources are assigned according to rational principles and human needs and not profit, has the potential to create actual human freedom.


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