Greetings to the members of and children of the working class: employed, unemployed or studying, of every sex, race, age and every other personal characteristic in the world:

This is a socialist blog. Here you shall find a collection of articles by socialist writers. We advocate for society to exercise democratic control over the means of production, requiring the establishment of an internationally planned economy, where resources are assigned according to rational principle and human needs, thus replacing the system of capitalism which has profit as its law of today. We must struggle to construct a revolutionary, independent, united workers’ party which achieves this through the struggles for workers’ immediate demands and acts as champion of all the oppressed! After this is achieved, the evolution of communist society will begin, and classes will eventually vanish.

We completely reject the notion that the former USSR, Cuba & similar countries represent socialism, neither economically nor politically. For working class power, not rule in workers’ name, and for a fully socialist economy! Full freedom of speech, association and privacy for all! That doesn’t imply support to capitalist military intervention against these countries, or pro-capitalist politics in these countries. In fact, what is needed is exactly the opposite; for workers to gain power.

The purpose of our Web site is to function as a propaganda group promoting interest in socialism, as well as to criticize certain sections of the left, and through doing so at times lay out some elements of what could constitute a communist program. While we think that its function may be somewhat useful, it is no replacement for a political party nor a publication by one.

Our writers come from a variety of nations and perspectives. On the sidebar of this site you will find a “Left Links” section containing some links to left-wing organizations and publications. We are not associated with nor necessarily agree with the specific positions of Web sites we link to. We do not necessarily endorse them, nor necessarily consider them to be an accurate representation of socialist politics, nor necessarily consider the parties to which they are aligned properly revolutionary. Nor does the lack of inclusion in this list signify anything. However, we often read their perspectives and at times find their publications interesting, contrast them to each other, and at times find some truth in them and the criticism they provide of others and each other. We hope that readers will think for themselves when consulting these Web sites.

Feel free to leave comments and contact us.

Recommended reading:

K. Marx, F. Engels, The Communist Manifesto
F. Engels, Principles of Communism
R. Luxemburg, The Russian Revolution
K. Marx, F. Engels, Critique of the German Ideology
F. Engels, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific